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I took one valium while pregnant

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On Dec and Jan 1 I took 5mg of Valium. Last week, I learned that the ovulation "took", and I was pregnant at the time of exposure. I researched Valium and it was listed as class D, with a huge mass of possible birth defects following the description, saying it's particularly dangerous in 1st trimester. I called the doctor that i will be seeingand he told me that i could 2 that it will be fine for the plane ride but i took 3. I had taken one there like normal.

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I took Valium during my last pregnancy. I took 5mg pills. I didn't take many in the first trimester because I feared cleft palate, but I took one a day in the second trimester. My psychiatrist consulted the leading medical expert in the world of psychiatric medications during pregnancy, and she conformed that. I suffered a terrible bout of anxiety during the 2nd trimester and I was prescribed valium by my gp as he said it is considered quite safe in pregnancy. I took them for a week or so. My baby is now 5 weeks old and healthy. Can you go back toyour gp and discuss alternative medications? I took a low dose of.

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