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How to tell if metformin is working for pcos

Posted by Grozuru on 13.08.2017 in Tamsulosin

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I am terrified of having another miscarriage and want to wait until my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is under control before trying again. But how do I know it's under control? Has anyone done this and if so how long were you on the metformin before it worked? I presume they will take blood tests. Hi Ladies: I have been on mg of Metformin for a few months and I cannot figure out if it is working for me? I have not had a period yet (I have to use Provera in order to), weight loss or anything else? What should I be looking for? How long does this take to work? I still have diarrhea and cannot eat.

40 mg. Pravastatin1 (PravacholĀ®). 40 mg. Simvastatin (ZocorĀ®). 20 mg (extended 40 mgdose). Atorvastatin1 (LipitorĀ®). 10 mg.

I don't tend to reply to them because the answers are not short and it's a lot of work to reply to each one, but also because if you search met on this site you will get all my posts and pretty I'm not qualified to give any advice to anyone about what they should put in their body, but since you want to know, here's my take on it. I have PCOS and i am on metformin (i also work with an endocrinologist so i have a ton of PCOS patients who are also on metformin) it definitely helps regulate your cycles but if while taking it your period becomes increasingly irregular you should talk to your doctor because your dosage may need to be.

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