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Can i drink alcohol with naltrexone

Posted by Aranris on 15.08.2017 in Walkers

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Fewer than 10 percent of patients reported temporary nausea in clinical trials in which it was given to abstinent patients. It produced even fewer side effects in patients who were still drinking. The medication is not psychoactive, and it will not make you feel high or low. Naltrexone does not bring relief from alcohol craving like. Although naltrexone is effective at reducing cravings for alcohol, it has not yet been established that this anti-craving effect shows up in those who abstain from alcohol, or if it is only present in those who drink on the naltrexone. Although some people who are abstaining report reduction in craving, this could.

Omeprazole. Interactions. Sacs Omeprazole interact with other precautions. omeprazole may treat with the following medications: Severe Links of omeprazole: These medications are not ready taken together. Consult your healthcare limited (e. doctor or generic) for more in formation.

3 Answers - Posted in: naltrexone, alcohol - Answer: Hey sandman, No, it will not cause you to become sick immediately as in. I just started on Naltrexone on 8/12/ Today is my 3rd day on it. I am drinking every day just like always. I am hoping that Naltrexone will make me want to quit doing that!!! I feel like I'm not getting the same effects from the alcohol. I think it makes it hard for you to feel the effects. Last night I had quite a few.

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