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Can you od on percocet

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If you can receive medical help for Percocet overdose within 8 hours, that's is usually enough to ensure recovery from a Percocet overdose. Since symptoms of overdose may not appear for 12 hours after taking the medication, it's important to get medical attention if you've taken large amounts of the drug. Yes, you can overdose on Percocet because of the acetaminophen (not the oxycodone) it contains. More on what happens when you OD on Percocet, acetaminophen.

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A Percocet overdose can be dangerous—and sometimes fatal. Learn about the symptoms and how to treat a Percocet overdose. Acetaminophen reduces pain and fever. Both of these drugs can play important medical roles. Both of these drugs can be dangerous in large quantities. Percocet can cause overdose. Managing health involves finding a balance and avoiding too much of any drug. If you abuse or are addicted to Percocet, any amount may.

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